Sync users

The service lives in the Cloud, the platform sync to your user via Azure Active Directory. When you hire or terminate a user the application detects it, and show it all missing items.

Keep information in your hand

You can track who has what, and what is the history of an selected device or software license.

Be up-to-date and Secure

As an Enterprise / Office 365 company you are able to use your credential to access to your Storage. We integrate into your system to provide frictionless experience.

Brand new app to blow your mind

We’ve made an application
that will change your business

We are here to help to your business

Hard to track who has what at your company?
Missing laptops? Missing iPhones? Not anymore!
With the "TheStorage" you are able to track real time the employee devices and the history of that devices / software licenses. You do not need any server or integration expert. The service works in the Cloud and as a company you just need to start the application to use it.

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Store Your Items

Store your Items / Product in a unified way. Your data will be in an safe store, where you can search and modifie. You can track who has what in your organization.


Manage Software Licenses

You can store your organization software key / license in an secure and encrypted way. As well as you can track who owns currently the software.


Export / Import

When you can search or filter for item(s) you can export the result set into excel file (xlsx), Coma Separated File - CSV or even to HTML file.
You can import your data from different asset managers. (Currently we support limited format, but as our customer needs we are open to implement several providers)


Flag Items

You could add a custom label to any item. With this label you can add custom attirbute to an item.


Machine Learning Preview

The Application provides a preview image about the devices that your employee have.


Pass To

As an Admin you can pass a device (items) into another person in the company. You can give it back, or you can pass to for a resource (like a room or meeting room)


Active Azure Directory / Office365

Enterprise companies could integrate Azure AD / Office365 organization into the service. With this the admin can invite users from AD and even can add / remove items to an Azure AD user.


Auto Update & Security

We are believe in the continuous improvement. As of it we update the application frequently and automatically. The Windows application could even install for a guest user, the application does NOT need any administration privileges to install or update.



When an Item added or removed form a user, the user will receive an automated email about the change. You can turn off this feature need under the settings page.


Barcode / ID Generation

You can setup a condition system to generate a corporate / organization related barcode or internal id.


  • 3 Free User
  • 5 Rooms / Resources
  • Maximum 100 items
  • No vendor management


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Small Business

  • 50 Users
  • 10 Resources / Rooms
  • User right management
  • Vendor management
  • Unlimited Items to store
  • Barcode generation




  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Software management
  • Azure Active Directory integration
  • Office 365 support
  • Advanced User management
  • Barcode generation
  • Mobile client (iOS, Android) (cooming soon)
  • Slack integration (cooming soon)
  • Microsoft Teams integration (cooming soon)
  • Unlimited Items to store


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